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List of Miracles, or the Uncanny Chain of ‘Coincidences’

First and foremost, it's a miracle that our Lillian is still alive! We thank God every day for her life.

In sequence:

  1. That Sally took the ‘concoction’, which sent us to the hospital much earlier than we would have otherwise gone. Each labor has gone faster, but this one was a record. The contractions she was experiencing when we went in were not of a nature that we would have normally gone in, but combined with the ‘other’ effects of the concoction, the doctor recommended we come on in. She turned so fast from ‘real contractions, but we still have time’ to hard labor to critical condition that, given our past history with when to go to the hospital, we would have probably been in transit when the rupture occurred. Instead she was already gowned, in a hospital bed and under the care of a very astute nurse.

  2. The speed with which they performed the C section. The target time is 30 minutes from Stat call to delivery. The doctors and nurses at West Houston performed Sally’s in 22 minutes. God was guiding their hands and their minds.

  3. That Sally only lost 2-3 units of blood. Generally with this type of trauma, the patient will lose 10-15 units!

  4. The fact that Sally didn’t die. Thank you Dr. Korhonen. Had we been in transit, or even home, they would have both died. Even at the hospital, they did not yet have Sally’s blood type (another story, the poor blood technician got their just as the crisis started, and couldn’t get in to draw blood), so had she been bleeding out, they would not have known what to give her yet! They did not give her the 2 units until the surgery was almost complete.

  5. That Lillian was very promptly resuscitated. Thank you Dr. Olney. She was born without a heartbeat…she was born dead. But that was not God’s ultimate plan for her. Now she is healing, in her and God’s time, at Memorial Hermann.

  6. That Dr. Olney did his residency at Memorial Hermann, knew of the Blanket Study, and ordered Life Flight to bring Lillian to Memorial Hermann to participate in the study.

  7. That Dr. Moya was on call that night at MH, one of the best Neo-natalogists in the country.

  8. That the Cooling Blanket was available, MH only has one.

  9. MH is one of only 15 (+-) facilities in the country participating in the study.

  10. That Lillian fit the criteria to a T, and was rapidly rushed over to MH.

  11. That Dr. Morris, one of the supervising doctors over the study, is involved as she is a personal friend of Martha’s. Martha actually wanted to make sure Lillian was placed under her care, and sure enough, by God’s hand, that is just what happened.

  12. That all of the doctors involved in her care are extraordinary, from the residents to the attending physician, Dr. Crandell. Including the Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Butler.

  13. That the nurses who are caring for her are all fantastic!

  14. That Lillian is still alive, and doing as well as she is. Dr. Butler informed us that most children who suffer this trauma do not survive.

  15. More miracles occur every day, Lillian opening her eyes, processing her food, stretching, responding to touching and tickling and so much more.

  16. Ultimately, the evidence of God is in every facet of this challenge. He is our provider, protector and healer. I know that all things work to good for those who love Him, and I know that he knows my heart. I trust in His decision, and Lillian’s life is in the best place it could be…square in the middle of His hands.