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Lillian's Story - Sally's View

After going in to the hospital with labor contractions (about 3-7 minutes apart) around 4PM on Saturday afternoon, the nurse in Labor & Delivery (L&D) said we would have to wait and see if I was really in labor. She said these contractions were probably caused by the dehydration I was suffering. I drank a “concoction” (secret Celtic Labor inducing recipe) of ice cream, 2 raw eggs and 2 oz. of castor oil to see if it would put me into labor. Well, basically it didn’t “put” me into labor, but it did get me into the hospital, which as we found out later was the first of many miracles. My contractions were not very hard; I could talk through them’ and my cervix was only dilated to 2 cm. We waited for 2 hours (while being monitored) with pretty much no change. Brandi, my nurse, told me the doctor still didn’t want to admit me because the contractions weren’t causing the cervix to open. She told me around 7:30 that Dr. Korhonen, the doctor on call, still was not going to admit me, but he did want to keep me overnight for observation for the dehydration. She also told me they would not be checking my cervix very often because they wanted to keep extra bacteria from getting to the baby through the birth canal. About thirty minutes later, my contractions started to get harder. I was no longer able to talk through them. I called the nurse in to check me. She told me no, it was too early to check me, but she could probably get me something for the pain. I said yes, Demerol. She left and came back about 10 minutes later and checked me. She said, “OK, you are now officially in labor. We are having a baby tonight.” My cervix was only dilated to 4, but the strength of my contractions showed I was truly in labor. Brandi then went to call the doctor and get my Demerol. Before she left, I told her I could not really handle the pain and she and she suggested an epidural. I said fine. So, she left to call and get drugs. While she was gone, my contractions felt like they were coming 5 at a time right on top of each other. I was really remembering how it was when I had Emma. By that time (pain wise) in my labor, she was out in 5-10 minutes. This time I couldn’t figure out how it was going to work because I know I was only between 4-6 cm dilated. When Brandi came back with the Demerol shot, I was in excruciating pain. She put part of the shot in the IV and was going to put the rest directly in my hand IV. But, I was yelling that I had to push. Brandi was yelling back that I could not push. I said I had to. Right at that point, I pushed and grabbed Brandi’s hand (the one with the needle) and screamed. I felt immediately a sharp pain in my left lower side and I felt the baby move in a strange way. Donnie told me later that I screamed, “This is wrong! Something is very wrong!” At that point all fetal monitoring was lost. The Demerol really hit me then, so I was pretty out of it. Brandi ran out in the hall looking for Dr. Korhonen, who wasn’t there yet, and found another doctor who was making her rounds. She checked me and found that I was bleeding. She asked Donnie how long how long I had been bleeding and he said I hadn’t been bleeding. At this point Brandi had called for the emergency C-section STAT, “This is really, really stat!” my recollections are kind of fuzzy from here. I was wheeled into the OR and I had to scooch over to the operating qurney/bed. The lab tech took my blood. He had been trying to through the whole emergency and a little before. The doctor came in and introduced himself. Then, the anesthesiologist arrived and pretty quickly after that he put me completely out. It felt like only a moment later I woke up and Donnie was standing there telling me Lillian was “life-flighted” to Hermann and he and his mom were going to be with her. My mom and brother were there with me. He also told me that my uterus had ruptured and that Dr. Korhonen saved my life.