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Lillian's Story - Donnie’s perspective

Oma Keller
Looking back on the scene from March 2, I would have to say that the whole event was surreal. I had this strange sense that something was not right. Sally’s contractions were different, and she had an odd sense of fear. Once we were established at the hospital, I ran to the store to get Sally some items for her stay. When I got back, she had gone into hard labor. Even this was different than the previous three experiences. She was in the kind of pain that only happened in the last minutes of labor, and the nurse was saying that she wasn’t ready yet. The contractions seemed to be coming in waves, one on top of another, with no downtime in between. I went out and told the nurse that she was in REAL PAIN, and that she needed some drugs. The nurse replied that she was waiting for the doctor to authorize the pain medication.

I went back to the room, and Sally was really hurting. I went back out to the nurse and insisted on pain medication immediately. Fortunately, the doctor had just given the authorization. While the nurse got the medication, I went back in to be with Sally. At some point, both nurses were in the room, Sally was screaming that she had to push, Brandy (her main nurse) was screaming at her not to push, and the other nurse was examining her and saying that she was still not ready. They made Sally roll over, to try and ease the contractions. This did not help. Another patient had been admitted, and the second nurse had to go attend to her. Sally rolled back over to her back…Brandy came in with the medicine…the blood tech arrived…Sally started screaming (she was in the kind of pain that I had only witnessed right as the other three were “born” through the canal and into the world)…Brandy was telling her to relax…Mom was turning gray (she left the room about this time)…Sally grabbed Brandy’s hand as she was trying to give her the pain meds…then Sally said she had to push…Brandy was saying “Don’t push, let go of my hand, Don’t push, let go of my hand”…Sally arched her back and grabbed her left side and screamed “The pain is wrong, it’s all wrong”…Brandy lost the heartbeat right then…I watched the ‘lump’ of baby move or roll to the left…Brandy grabbed the fetal monitor and screamed for backup…Brandy couldn’t find the heartbeat anywhere in the normal area the baby should have been (Sally’s lower abdomen).
Oma Upton
Sally’s abdomen looked wrong, the lump was no longer centered, but off to the left side…Brandy ran to the door to get backup and call for the C-section stat…another OB/GYN (not the on call doctor) was walking by at that moment to check on her patient that had just been admitted, she immediately detoured into our room, examined Sally while Brandy was getting Sally on oxygen, she looked up at me and said “How long has she been bleeding”, to which I replied “Bleeding?”, then she said “Let’s go! NOW!”…Brandy grabbed the front while the good doctor (who’s name we would really like to get, so we can properly thank her) grabbed the foot of the bed and they whisked her across the hall to the emergency C-Section OR…I saw Dr. Korhonen (the on call OB/GYN) come through the hall fresh from scrubbing up…There was a lot of activity, the two L&D nurses running out to get this, running out to get that…the Anesthesiologist arrived, and they started…nobody came out to talk to me for what seemed like an eternity, but was closer to 30+ minutes…about 15 minutes after they wheeled her in I saw a doctor (Dr. Olney I would later learn) rush from the OR with a VERY blue dark haired baby and run to the Neo-natal ICU…the windows to NICU all had blinds over them, but I could just see through the space on the edge of the blinds, there were at least five people around the newborn warming bed working on Lillian and their faces were all pretty grim…Brady came out to get me to sign a consent form to give blood to Lillian…Dr.

Korhonen finally made it out to talk to me, he told me that Sally’s uterus had ruptured and that she had lost some blood, he also told me that she was fortunate to be alive…Dr. Olney came out shortly after that and explained that Lillian had been stillborn, but had been revived very shortly after birth and had suffered severe trauma and loss of oxygen to the brain, he informed me that they were transferring her to Memorial Hermann because they did not have Level 3 support capabilities at West Houston…I followed the helicopter to MH and the waiting began.